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Looking for an online educational platform that will let you learn a new programming language? LinkedIn Learning is the educational platform of LinkedIn – one of the largest social media platforms for employees and employers’ approach to online learning.  LinkedIn Learning combines’s expert catalog with the features of the social media giant. This makes for a perfect match when you need skills for employment. Join us as we compare the features of three other well-known learning platforms in our LinkedIn Learning review.

What Is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is powered by the popular online educational platform LinkedIn courses are all expert-led and crafted. They have an impressive 13,000 video course catalog. One of the best things we found while conducting our LinkedIn Learning review is that the Learning platform integrates with their social media platform.

LinkedIn learning also uses a powerful search engine to locate courses valuable to you. We found this helpful in our LinkedIn Learning review. Users can easily locate courses by difficulty, date, and subject.

LinkedIn Learning Review

LinkedIn Learning is a powerful tool for job seekers. Your completed courses give you a certification that is posted on your profile for employers to view. You enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn premium users just for being a Learning member. You can see the course viewers and their respective companies to figure out where the industry is headed—a must for programmers expanding their skills.

Product Specs

Expert Video Courses

LinkedIn Learning offers over 13,000 video courses led by experts in the industry. They don’t have the impressive library of some other platforms, but since they are expert-led, they are more trustworthy. LinkedIn Learning will give you a quality course.

Connected With LinkedIn

The Learning platform is integrated with LinkedIn, so they show the valuable skills you learn on your profile. Employers will see that you have a demonstrated level of knowledge with a completion certificate. We found this to be one of the most compelling reasons to subscribe during our LinkedIn Learning review.

Powerful Search Options

LinkedIn Learning uses a search engine to find video courses. You can sort videos by length, date, difficulty, subject, and popularity. This is helpful when you want to find a specific course. The date helps you make sure you are learning the most recent version of a programming language.

Valuable Course Information

LinkedIn Learning includes valuable course information, such as what you’ll learn in the course, quizzes and certifications included, and information regarding the viewers. You’ll see where viewers work and how they liked the course. This can be helpful in finding that illusive job offer.


LinkedIn Learning gives you unlimited access to courses for around $30 a month or $300 a year with their 2-months-free offer. The Learning plan will also give you some features for LinkedIn premium members. You’ll see your profile viewers, applicants competing for jobs, and get InMail access when you sign up for LinkedIn Learning.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare: Udemy, Skillshare and Khan Academy.

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LinkedIn Learning

Price: $$$

Ease of Site Use: 5

LinkedIn Learning is a perfect match with LinkedIn’s social media features. LinkedIn Learning boasts a powerful search tool to fine-tune your results. Easily find videos you are looking for and sort them by a variety of parameters.

Course Quality: 5

LinkedIn Learning’s courses are expertly made. You don’t have to guess if a course will be valuable, because the social media feature allows you to see who has watched and enjoyed the course. Courses also have quizzes and allow you to earn certificates to show off on your LinkedIn profile.

Course Options: 4

With 13,000 video courses, you won’t run out of options. LinkedIn doesn’t have a huge number of courses like some competitors, but they are all made by experts. You will learn everything you need from LinkedIn Learning.

Support: 4

LinkedIn Learning’s help page is full of informative and well-written articles. If you have a more difficult question, you can contact chat during normal hours or email support.


Huge Course Catalog

Udemy has one of the most extensive course offerings with over 100,000 courses to choose from. Their course list grows by nearly 800 each month. They also have one of the largest user bases of over 15 million. Udemy is probably one of the first names you think of in online education.

Affordable Options

While Udemy course prices can vary, they have many courses in the $10 to $20 range. There are courses as high as $500 for more advanced subject matters. They offer deep discounts on courses occasionally.

Video Learning

Udemy boasts 100,000 video courses, so you can easily learn from the instructors. Following on-screen instruction is helpful in learning a new programming language, concepts can be difficult to follow reading from a book.

Price $$

Ease of Site Use: 4

Udemy is easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. There is a one-time payment for your course, so you don’t have to worry about making subscription payments. They also offer lifetime access.

Course Quality: 4

With so many options from Udemy, course quality can vary. You should read reviews from previous students to get an idea if the course is right for you.

Course Options: 5

Udemy offers 100,000 video courses, so it is unlikely you will run out of options. They add several hundred courses every month. The programming language offerings are vast on Udemy.

Support: 3

Udemy has an interactive FAQ page for quick answers to your questions. If you find yourself with an issue that cannot be answered by the FAQs you can email support. You have access to your course for a lifetime, so there is no need to worry about losing access.


Large Catalog

SkillShare has over 30,000 courses. They break the courses up into creative, business, technology, and lifestyle skills. They have a vast catalog of web development courses and various programming courses.

Social Learning

SkillShare courses are created by any member who wants to teach. Courses and creators have followers and interact much like a social media platform. Their user base covers a variety of creative niches and is over 3 million strong.

Many Courses for One Fee

SkillShare members pay an annual or monthly fee to access every course in their library. You won’t have to pay per course and it does not limit you to a number of courses you take. If you pay the membership fee, you can use SkillShare as much as you like.

Price: $$

Ease of Site Use 4

SkillShare is much like a social media site. Members have access to courses and creator profiles and can leave and receive feedback.

Course Quality: 3

Any creator can make a course on SkillShare. It is important to read reviews of the course and see what other students say. Some courses may be better prepared and offer better information than others offered on the platform. SkillShare tries to encourage participation and shies away from courses that only provide textbook information.

Course Options: 4

While not as impressive as the larger collections of other competitors, SkillShare 30,000 course options. They are geared toward creators so expect more creative courses than a more business-centric platform.

Support: 3

SkillShare has a help center to answer a variety of questions. You can also get help from another member or creator. If you cannot solve the problem, you can contact SkillShare support by email.

Khan Academy

Free and Accessible

Khan Academy takes a free and accessible approach to online learning. They are a nonprofit, so never expect to pay for access to their content.

High-Quality Courses

Khan Academy boasts World Class education. Their content is created by experts and teachers from around the world. They cater to more traditional education rather than skills. Programmers should expect their courses to be more like computer science courses than tutorials.

Video Content

Khan Academy courses are mostly video with some reading. Courses will teach students concepts and fundamentals in programming.

Price: $

Ease of Site Use: 4

The site is free to use, just create an account and begin accessing content. Content is arranged by skill level, so when you start out, they will show you basic introductory courses. You can choose the course you like.

Course Quality: 5

The courses are prepared by experts and teachers in the field, so it will be high-quality information. Some people may prefer a more hands-on learning platform. Khan Academy is video lectures and reading, so it is great to learn fundamentals.

Course Options 3

Khan Academy does not boast the catalog some other services have. They concentrate on course quality by expert creators.

Support: 4

Khan Academy has a range of support options. You can look through their FAQs, chat with the community, or contact their email support.

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We gave LinkedIn Learning a 4.5 out of 5. In our LinkedIn Learning review; we found this platform to be the most valuable because you earn a certification that is posted to your LinkedIn profile. This is valuable for job seekers and those wishing to update their skills for an important project. We also enjoyed the search tools they offer, and the ability to see where the industry is headed by looking at top companies that follow courses and their reviews.

If you are serious about learning a new programming language and want to have a way to show a demonstrated expertise, LinkedIn Learning is the best choice.

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