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#develop The Open Source Development Environment for .NET
.NET Framework SP1 The .NET Framework Service Pack 1
.NET Framework v1.1 This version adds new features and improves upon the current 1.0 release.
Antechinus C# Editor from C Point Color syntax editor for writing C# programs.
ANTLR ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, (formerly PCCTS) is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing Java, C#, C++, or Python actions.
CLR Profiler The CLR Profiler allows developers to see the allocation profile of their manage applications.
EMACS C# Edit Mode Write C# code with EMACS written by Brad Merrill
Improve C# Plugin for Eclipse Makes it easier to develop C# applications with Eclipse.
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK Version 1.0
Mono Develop C# applications on Linux — open source sponsored by Ximian.
NUnit by Philip Craig. NUnit is a framework, based on the JUnit family, for building application unit tests. It assists with test-driven design, a technique of Extreme Programming.
Prof-It for C# Prof-It is an easy-to-use standalone profiler for C# that measures execution frequencies for each statement while keeping the instrumentation of the source code to a minimum.
QuickSharp QuickSharp 2008 is a simplified C# development environment for Microsoft .NET 2.0. Its free/open source and allows C# applications to be created instantly without having to create projects and solutions. Ideal for the beginner just wanting to try out some code.
Snippet Compiler Tool for working with snippets
TextPad Getting Started With C#. Editor with C# Syntax Highlighting.
The Compiler Generator Coco/R Coco/R is a compiler generator, which takes an attributed grammar of a source language and generates a scanner and a parser for this language. The scanner works as a deterministic finite automaton. The parser uses recursive descent. LL(1) conflicts can be resolved by a multi-symbol lookahead or by semantic checks. Thus the class of accepted grammars is LL(k) for an arbitrary k. Includes Coco/R for C#.
Visual SlickEdit Code Editor with C# Syntax Highlighting.
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