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Introduction to C# Tutorial:

Welcome to the C# Station Tutorial This is a set of lessons suited for beginning to intermediate programmers or anyone who would like to gain familiarity with the C# programming language. These lessons will help you get a quick head-start with C# programming.

To get started with our C# tutorial, you will need a compiler and an editor. There are several options for obtaining a compiler to write C# programs. A free option is to download the .NET Frameworks SDK and use Notepad. Of course, there are many editors and IDE options available, so see the Tools section to select the option that’s right for you. Most of the examples in these tutorials run as console programs. Microsoft Visual Studio is also available in multiple versions as well as a free download for Visual Studio Express.

This tutorial is a work in progress. Its quality is a product of volunteer reviews and valuable feedback received from many readers. Please visit periodically for the latest updates and new lessons.

Once you’ve completed this tutorial, you may be interested in additional resources to continue learning C#. There are also additional Articles on this site.

I hope you enjoy the C sharp tutorial and best of luck!

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C# Language Reference and Specifications

Standard ECMA-334 C# Language Specification

C Sharp Tutorial Lessons:

[html] [code] Lesson 01: Getting Started
[html] [code] Lesson 02: Expressions, Types, and Variables
[html] [code] Lesson 03: Control Statements – Selection
[html] [code] Lesson 04: Control Statements – Loops
[html] [code] Lesson 05: Methods
[html] [code] Lesson 06: Namespaces
[html] [code] Lesson 07: Introduction to Classes
[html] [code] Lesson 08: Class Inheritance
[html] [code] Lesson 09: Polymorphism
[html] [code] Lesson 10: Properties
[html] [code] Lesson 11: Indexers
[html] [code] Lesson 12: Structs
[html] [code] Lesson 13: Interfaces
[html] [code] Lesson 14: Introduction to Delegates and Events
[html] [code] Lesson 15: Introduction to Exception Handling
[html] [code] Lesson 16: Using Attributes
[html] [code] Lesson 17: Enums
[html] [code] Lesson 18: Overloading Operators
[html] [code] Lesson 19: Encapsulation
[html] [code] Lesson 20: Introduction to Generic Collections
[html] [code] Lesson 21: Anonymous Methods
[html] [code] Lesson 22: Topics on C# Type
[html] [code] Lesson 23: Working with Nullable Types
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