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.NET 247 .NET Site
.NET Force Force behind .NET
.NET Heaven .NET Heaven is brought to you by the founders of C# Corner and VB.NET Heaven web sites. Now this site will provide contents for C++, Visual Basic, and other Microsoft related technologies.
.Net Hidden Gems Nice to know tips for any .Net developer
.NET Serialization FAQ Binary and Xml Serialization info, tips and FAQ
Boogo Links Dutch .NET site Carl Prothmans excellent site with connection strings and other valuable ADO.NET resources. Contains Articles, Tutorials and samples on C#, ASP .Net, C++ and Visual C++.
Crystal Reports for .NET A Crystal Reports.NET book for programmers? Its free! * Covers ASP.NET and Windows Forms * Teaches all phases of report development * Alerts you to the bugs and how to get around them * Maps out the complex ReportDocument object model * Shows how to perform runtime customization * Demonstrates all options of connecting with ADO.NET * Gives complete code listings for every concept presented
Developer Fusion Thousands of pages of tutorials and source code on VB, ASP, C#, PHP, XML and more. Miss It, Miss Out!
DevTips – Dutch DotNet Portal Dutch portal for .NET developers and consultants. The first in de the Netherlands of its kind. Contains a large forum, .NET resources, links startpage, information about .NET webservices and latest news. Also contains lots of other resources, like articles on .NET and an on-line content management for authors and editors. Participating developers are welcome.
DEVX .NET Zone DEVX Links: Has C# Links also
DotGNU Portable.NET A portable suite of tools (including a C# compiler, assembler, and runtime engine) for non-Microsoft platforms such as GNU/Linux. It is a part of the DotGNU meta-project (
DotNET Watch .NET tutorials , articles and code Premier Portal for Advanced .NET Developers
INETA (the International .NET Association) Community of .NET User Groups Good site with a lot of free software.
Microsoft .NET Framework Page Microsofts site for information and resources on the .NET Framework SDK.
MSDN Academic Alliance Microsoft research support for academic labs, faculty, and students
SharpToolbox Directory of tools, libraries and add-ins for .NET, with marketing fluff filtered out.
TechBookReport Independent book reviews by and for practitioners.
The .NET Collective places to find software and information for Microsoft .NET developers.
Windows Forms Microsoft Windows Forms Community Site.
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