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If you want to learn how to code in languages like HTML, CSS, Java or JavaScript, PHP, and even Ruby, there are dozens upon dozens of free and C# Resources available online that make it easy to begin to teach yourself how to code. Some developers are even fully taught just based on the free coding resources available to them on the internet. However, if you’re trying to learn less popular languages, like C, for example, there seem to be a lot fewer resources (both free and paid) out there to help teach you.

If you’re struggling to find ways to interactively learn C#, take a look at this list of free resources, tutorials, and courses that will help you take your C# learning to the next level.

1. SoloLearn

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SoloLearn offers free courses in a bunch of different coding languages, including C#. Their C# course is both in-depth and interactive, and while the code does definitely cover the basics (it’s totally suitable for beginners), you’ll finish the course ready to learn more advanced techniques, but with enough knowledge to feel confident in writing basic C# code. A good way to get your feet wet when it comes to learning C.

2. LearnCS Tutorial

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 4.40.51 PM is another organization dedicated to providing free, interactive ways you teach you how to code. With courses in over ten languages, LearnCS has a lot to offer, including courses in C#. Their C# material isn’t as comprehensive or as in-depth as what SoloLearn has to offer, but for someone who’s just out to learn the basics, this is a great option to see if C# is the right language for you.

3. Microsoft Virtual Academy

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This one is an invaluable resource, but it isn’t suitable for absolute beginners. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a collection of courses, videos, resources, and tools curated by the people at Microsoft to help developers learn to code or enhance their coding skills. With MVA, you can take specific coding courses, rather than the more general ones from SoloLearn or LearnCS. For example, within the C# section of the MVA site, you can choose to take a course called “Developing Xbox One Applications.” While a tutorial like this wouldn’t be suitable for a beginner, it’s great for someone who has some C# knowledge but wants to better understand how they would use their skills in the context of a real-life project or situation.

4. Programmr

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Like with the courses at MVA, the C# courses offered at Programmr are meant for developers who want to enhance their skills by completing tasks or projects. Programmr, another learning platform that offers courses and resources for over a dozen programming languages, has hundreds of C# projects to choose from for budding developers. The projects span the range of all difficulty levels, from something as simple as finding the area of a rectangle, to something more complicated, like building a CAPTCHA generator or creating an interactive game. If you’re looking for a free, versatile way to learn a lot of the skills required to confidently code in C#, this one is a great option.

5. .NET Academy

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.NET Academy offers a thorough but easy to follow a course in C# that not only covers the basics of the language but also wraps up with exercises to make sure that you understand what you’ve learned — which sort of mimics the teaching style of popular sites such as Codecademy.


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