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One of the most thorough ways to learn a new coding language is to really do your research on the ins and outs of the syntax, structure, and basic concepts. If you’re looking to learn C#, or if you already know some of the languages but would like to take your skills to the next level, study up with any of these great C# instructional books.

List of C# Books

  1. C# in Depth

c# book

This is a great reference source that covers practically everything you’ll ever want or need to know about C#. At 616 pages, the book is definitely true to its title, which states that this resource takes an in-depth look at the programming language.

2. Beginning C#: Object-Oriented Programming

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This free Ebook is a great resource for people who are completely new to C#. While it doesn’t delve quite as deeply into the programming language as some of the other books on this list, it’s a good (free) way to get a feel for C# before investing in another book on the subject.

3. C# Programming Yellow Book

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This is Ebook is used to teach C# courses at many universities and provides the reader with a great foundation of the C# language and concepts. It’s available as a free Ebook, or can be purchased as a Kindle book for a small fee.

4. C# Programming: Quickly Learn C# Programming

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This book is short but to the point and provides an informative insight into the C# programming language. The author explains the concepts of C# in a way that’s easily digestible and will help the reader to understand how to use those concepts in the context of writing code. Suitable for absolute C# beginners.

5. C# Essentials

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This Ebook is another great reference resource on all things C#. The book starts off with a short history of C# as a language before delving into very detailed explanations on how to program in C#. Great for programmers of all levels.

6. Learn C# in One Day and Learn it Well

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 2.58.46 PM

This book is meant for absolute beginners and boasts the ability to teach readers to start coding in C# after only one day. For a programmer who is new to C# and wants to begin working in the language immediately, this is a great resource.

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