ASP.NET Sites Title Description Directory of ASP.NET Resources 4 Guys From Rolla When you think ASP, think… 411 ASP.NET ASP.NET Directory ASP.NET FAQ Your source for ASP.NET Answers ASPAlliance The number 1 ASP.NET Community Primarily ASP but has many C# links also ASPSmith Forging the future DevASP.NET Links to articles and tutorials written … Continue reading “ASP.NET Sites”

Lesson 01: Introduction to LINQ

This lesson provides essential concepts to learning Language Integrated Query (LINQ). It helps you get started and forms the basis for later lessons. Here are the objectives: Understand What LINQ Is. Learn What Problems LINQ Solves. Quickly See What LINQ Syntax Looks Like. Know Where LINQ can be Used. What is LINQ? LINQ is an … Continue reading “Lesson 01: Introduction to LINQ”

Lesson 7: Introduction to Classes

This lesson introduces you to C# Classes. Our objectives are as follows: Implement Constructors. Know the difference between instance and static members. Understand Destructors. Familiarization with Class Members. Since the beginning of this tutorial, you have been using classes. By now, you should have a sense of what a class is for and how to … Continue reading “Lesson 7: Introduction to Classes”