Introduction to strongly Typed Data Sets

Introduction This article teaches how to create a strongly-typed dataset class library in your C# database applications. Our objectives are as follows: Learn what an strongly-Typed Data Set is Let Visual Studio Create a ST Data Set (Semi)Manually create a ST Data Set using XSD (Xml Schema Definition) For this article you will need to … Continue reading “Introduction to strongly Typed Data Sets”

Create and manage MS Word Documents with Jisys WordReports

Introduction For several months, I searched for a .NET component that would allow me to easily create and manage Word documents as well as incorporate mail merging functionalities into my web application. In my mind, the component had to meet these minimal requirements: Must expose the same functionality that MS Word provides in performing document … Continue reading “Create and manage MS Word Documents with Jisys WordReports”

Assertions and Development Output with .NET

View Source Introduction Two ubiquitous coding strategies are to use assertions and to generate debugging output. The .NET System.Diagnostics.Debug andSystem.Diagnostics.TRACE classes are designed to help programmers do these things. Unfortunately, the organization of these classes makes using them inappropriate in many cases. This article describes the reasoning behind this conclusion and gives a solution that … Continue reading “Assertions and Development Output with .NET”