Making Sense: ASP.NET Security

Download Source Code A common task for ASP.NET developers is to implement security on a site. This includes log-in, registration, password management, and user management. The following sections explain how to accomplish all of these tasks, showing some of the limitations of out-of-the-box controls and workarounds that you can use in your application. While there … Continue reading “Making Sense: ASP.NET Security”

VB.NET Sites

Title Description is a Visual Basic .NET site for new comers and VB developers moving to Visual Basic .NET. Total focus on Windows Development using VB .NET. A must visit site if you are new to Visual Basic .NET. VBnet Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre VBWire Visual Basic News and Information Source


Title Description #develop The Open Source Development Environment for .NET .NET Framework SP1 The .NET Framework Service Pack 1 .NET Framework v1.1 This version adds new features and improves upon the current 1.0 release. Antechinus C# Editor from C Point Color syntax editor for writing C# programs. ANTLR ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, (formerly … Continue reading “Tools”